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I’m Not Rich Enough to Buy Cheap Things

03 We have all heard this slogan before haven’t we? For those who didn’t let me give you a short analysis of what it means.

As consumers, we always try to find ways to receive more and spend less. Think of pirated software, low cost airlines, budget hotels, studying online rather than on campus…the list goes on and on.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not against low cost services and products, as long as I know exactly what I will receive. For instance, if I book my accommodation at a budget hotel, I should know in advance that I will not receive a rich buffet breakfast, I will not have the possibility of ordering room service, the rooms will be basic and I might even have to share a shower room (something that Formula 1 budget hotels do). If I am fine all with these and they have been communicated to be in advance, then no problem! I get what I pay for.

The problem arises when people want to to receive more than what they pay for. For instance, let’s take an iPhone.

It is usually priced higher than other phones, due to the fact that it is labelled as a superior quality product offering high quality services to the end-user. We’ve seen people buying iPhone replicas, which are priced maybe half the price of an iPhone, while at the same time “promising” the same kind of functionalities and services. People might go for it and buy one, but then they soon realize that the quality is not at all the same as an original iPhone. After a couple of months when the phone starts breaking down, they realize that they need to spend even more to replace it (either with an original one or another replica).

Same goes for hand tools. We at Jimy Tools offer high quality and highly durable hand tools that are made from the strongest steel alloys and put under rigorous industrial tests before they can reach the market. What’s more, many of our products come with a lifetime warranty, meaning that we are so confident about their high level of quality, that we are willing to guarantee their functionality, well… forever.

You can definitely find cheaper tools, but the question is, are you rich enough to have to replace them after a few months? Would you want your tools to last for several years and decades or would you want your tools to fail and possibly damage not only your pocket but also your precious self?

Find out about our tools on our quality on our Warranty Page.

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