Jimy is Growing Thanks to You!

18 Mar Jimy is Growing Thanks to You!

Back in 1993 we incorporated Jimy Tools with one target – to provide Australians with high quality tools and an exceptional high level of service.

Many people thought that this was just another startup which was bound to be swallowed by the competition, but they failed to understand one thing. Jimy is not targeting the competition. We never wanted to compete with any other tool providing company. If you wanna translate this into accounting terms, we are not a market challenger (trying to beat the market leader) nor a market follower (following the market leader).

Instead we consider ourselves as a group of passionate professionals that really know what it takes to develop high quality tools that meet the requirements of Australians. We believe that our tools are unique and that someone who owns a Jimy Tools product, is actually part of our brand, part of our Jimy family.

We are now moving to a new and bigger outlet which is all thanks to our loyal customers, partners and distributors. We are grateful for that and we promise you that we will keep on innovating and expanding our family of tools so that you can be part of our Jimy family. Here’s a short video we made for you!

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