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Our Partners and Not Our Distributors

Over the years, we have seen our business grow and we attribute this to three elements: our commitment to providing high quality and affordable goods, our loyal and satisfied customers and our distributors, whom we prefer to call our partners.

We want to focus on the third element, our partners and explain why we prefer to call them partners rather than our distributors. Why is that? Let’s analyze it.

Many businesses, rely on the abilities and network of their distributors for selling their products or services. Can you think of some examples? How about Ford, BMW, electronics, milk, bread and the list goes on and on.

What would happen if all those distributors went out of business? Or what if those distributors had a lousy customer service? Well, the answer is quite simple. It would affect the brand image of your products but it would also of course have a negative impact on your sales.

So what does it mean to call them as partners?

To answer that, let’s quickly go through on the definition of a partner. Merriam-Webster defines this as one of two or more people, businesses, etc., that work together or do business together. There are other definitions as well, such as dancing partners, a spouse, a team partner and many more.

So let’s try to come up with a simpler definition. For us, a business partner is someone who believes in your products, in your brand name and is willing to borrow your positive brand image and reflect it in their business, with the intention of creating a mutually profitable business relationship.

So back to the same question. Why do we call our distributors as our partners? Here’s why:

  • They trust our products to be sold through their company; their company that they built through hard work.
  • We trust their company for representing and selling our products.
  • They know that we are always willing to help their business grow through our products.
  • We trust their company in providing excellent customer care support for our products.
  • We believe in their vision and they believe in ours.

Business is all about creating positive and mutually profitable (not just monetary-wise, but also social-wise) relationships. We always take pleasure in meeting each and everyone of our distributors, in providing them some of the best industry deals in the country and whenever possible to share a nice glass of wine (or beer if you prefer)!

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