Digital Torque Adapter 1-2IN Drive Torque Wrench Converter 40-200Nm 147.6 ft.lbs

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Digital Torque Adapter 1/2? Drive Torque Wrench Converter 40~200Nm 147.6 ft.lbs


Part number: AM805201


Brand: WORKtec



Convert any ratchet into precision torque wrench with this digital display torque adapter.   A progressive audio notification alerts you when reaching specified torque. This torque adapter has a PEAK mode to show final torque results after you’ve removed the wrench so you can confirm the correct spec.



  • Torque range: 29.5 to 147.6 ft. lbs. (40 to 200 NM)
  • Memory slots record last 50 torque value readings
  • Both peak and trace settings:
  • TRACK mode displays torque value as pressure is applied, prevents over-torquing
  • PEAK mode displays highest torque value after load is released
  • Use as a calibration device for existing torque wrenches digital and analogue
  • 3-color LED light indicator and progressive audio notification when reaching specified torque
  • Five torque units of measure are available: lb-ft, lb-in, kg-cm, kg-m and N-m
  • Accurate within +/- 2%
  • Auto shutoff
  • Includes storage case

Weight: 285 g
Dimension: 123*90*65 mm
4 13/16*3 9/16*2 9/16 inch


Made in Taiwan







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