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Farmer Appreciation Program

Welcome to The Farmer Appreciation Program!

At Jimy Tools we appreciate that Australian Farmers are the backbone of this country.

Through thick and thin Jimy Tools is committed to forging a lifelong relationship with our Aussie farmers, by offering rewards and discounts to all farmers, primary producers and their staff.

We have setup some FAQ’s to streamline the simple process for you.

If you need any further details, get in contact with us at Jimy Tools on 08 8269 9700 Monday – Friday 9am to 5pm


What is the classification of a Farmer?

A farmer is simply: “someone who owns or manages/works a farm”.

A farm is: “an area of land and its buildings used for growing crops and rearing animals.

How does JIMY TOOLS help Farmers get the best deals?

The Jimy Tools Farmer Appreciation Program in short, gives farmers the chance to purchase High Quality, Career Spanning Jimy Tool Kits and/or Field Service Kits and receive two (2) incredible rewards:

  1. Place an order for any Jimy Tools Tool Kit, Tool Box, Field Service Kit or Field Service Box
  2. REWARD 1 – UP TO 15% BONUS STOCK when you receive your tool kit, simply send us a photo of you with the kit and your “thumbs up” and you will receive up to 15% bonus stock code (to all approved applicants, T&Cs apply)
  3. REWARD 2 – 15% OFF JIMY TOOLS ordered in store or online for your entire career (to all approved applicants, T&Cs apply)

You can view the Jimy Tools range by clicking on any of the quick links below:

Jimy Tools Tool Kits:

Jimy Tools Tool Boxes:

Jimy Tools Field Service Kits:

Jimy Tools Field Service Boxes:

Jimy Tools Webshop:

How do I redeem my Jimy Tools Farmer Appreciation Deal?

It’s simple, once you receive your new Jimy Tools Tool Kit, Tool Box, Field Service Kit or Field Service Box order, go to our APPLICATION PAGE.

You will need to submit proof that you are an actual farmer. This could be as simple as sending us a photo or submitting a copy of your business registration, or a letter from your boss.

Once your application has been approved you will then be emailed a one-time only Coupon Code to redeem online at for Up To 15% Bonus Stock.


To receive 15% OFF JIMY TOOLS you need to submit the following image

  1. A photo of you with your thumbs up, next to your new Jimy Tools tool kit.
  2. A photo of your hands holding a Jimy Tools spanner
  3. Submit photos by clicking on this link

The Jimy Tools Team will then email you about your Lifetime 15% off for any future orders.

You must create an account on the Jimy Tools website and be sure to log in next time you are ready to purchase from Jimy Tools to automatically receive 15% discount for the lifetime of your career.  However, your Farmer Appreciation membership will not apply in conjunction with any other promotions and does not work with any other promotional coupon codes.

Can you tell me what the required details are so that I can redeem my Jimy Tools “Farmer Appreciation’ program deal?

If you own a farm

You will need to provide Jimy Tools with your business name and ABN

If you are a farm manager / worker…

You will need to provide Jimy Tools with a letter from your employer stating your Name, Start Date and confirmation that you are a current farm worker.

Send your proof of being a farm owner / worker by completing the APPLICATION FORM so that we can match it up with your order.

When your information is checked and verified by the Jimy Tools Team one of our team will email you with your unique online Coupon Code to redeem up to 15% Bonus Stock.

You may choose to have your stock sent at any time, but it must be redeemed online at

As usual, terms & conditions apply.

You cannot use the redemption code in conjunction with any other promotion. Heavily Discounted, Web Only & non-Jimy branded products are not eligible for discount.

Some other items may not be available for 15% off when they are on promotion. You cannot be  a AAA Member and apply for Farmer Appreciation. Only one membership will be valid.

The “Farmer Appreciation Program” deal is available to you only after being verified.

Can I apply for 24 Months Interest Free “Jimy Finance” to get my Kit?

Yes, absolutely, all the details on how to apply for Jimy Finance can be found here:

 Who provides the “Jimy Finance”?

Jimy Finance is provided for approved applicants only. Jimy Finance is handled by a third party called humm®90 provided by humm Cards Pty Ltd ABN 31 099 651 877 Australian Credit Licence number 247415

For more information regarding 24 months interest free finance, go to our Jimy Finance page.

Is there a Cut Off Date for Jimy Tools “Farmer Appreciation” program?

The Jimy Tools “Farmer Appreciation” Program Expires on the 31st December 2021 and updates on the continuation will be provided from then on.

I don’t know which kit will be best for me, how do I choose?

We are always available to guide you through the process. Unlike other inferior kits on the market aimed at Farmers, these are career spanning kits, so it is important to get it right.

We are available at Jimy Tools by calling our Head Office on 08 8269 9700 or emailing our Sales Department at and one of our highly trained staff will assist you further.

My Boss/Employer wants to purchase the kit for me, if they pay can I still get up to 15% off?

Of course! We encourage this but it won’t be your Boss/Employer that receives up to 15% Bonus Stock and 15% off for their entire career, it will be you!

Would a letter from my Boss/Employer Qualify me for the Farmer Appreciation Program?

Yes, if the letter has all of your working details that prove you are who you are and that you are working for them, once we cross reference it and all the details all check out then you will qualify.

Only applies to purchases made online at once all information is verified. Please note that this offer is not valid in conjunction with any other promotions and further discounts do not apply.  The Farmer Appreciation Program discounts cannot be used to purchase Web Only or non-Jimy branded products or any heavily discounted products on promotion. This offer is not redeemable for cash.

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